About us

We are passionate about creating the best live shopping experience for both users and companies.

We work globally with retailers, online stores and Direct to Consumer brands

In a time dominated by online presence, we believe that the ability to connect and interact with you customers in a social, entertaining and inspiring way has never been more important. And live video is such a strong way to do it.

So, the winners of the next phase in e-commerce will be Brands that manage to combine social interaction, entertainment, and product discovery into one seamless experience.

...and we are here to help and guide you on the way.

We deliver an end-to-end digital platform, which we seamlessly integrate with your existing e-commerce platform.

And through our 360° service approach we safely and efficiently help our customers through the entire process with everything from concept development and formatting, setting up the live studio, choosing and training hosts and securing the traffic through marketing.

With Liveshopper it has never been easier to implement live shopping, get started, go live and evaluate the results immediately.

The team

Brian Frisch

CEO, Co-founder

Brian is an allrounder, but strives his focus on web- and software development. Initially self taught and since shaped by several years in consultancy businesses such as Netcompany, Pentia and - for the past 4 years - his own freelance company, Brian has had his share of consultancy and development experience with renowned companies such as the Danish Broadcasting Company, the Danish Parliament, PwC, Brobizz etc.

Marc Eley

CPO, Co-founder

Marc has spent the last 20 years developing digital solutions for the web. He started working as a web developer in different creative agencies before moving on to start up the frontend development team at the business consultancy Netcompany. After 7 years he changed gears again wanting a more in-depth working relationship with a single brand and wanting to gain experience with ecommerce he started working at danish ecommerce pioneers Aarstiderne.

Camilla Demuth Andersen

Head of marketing and communication

Camilla has a law degree from Copenhagen University and La Sapienza in Rome. After 4 years as exhibition manager, the career took a turn in the direction of Retail. First by building digital identity, website and shop for the family business, and recently as digital advisor for the 800 members in Danish retail Association. Always following the latest retail trends and with a heart beating for retail – online as well as offline, focusing on compliance and the best customer experience.


Tim Frank Andersen

Chairman of the Board, Co-founder

Tim Frank Andersen is a digital pioneer and a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits in his portfolio. He founded his first digital agency back in 1995 and has been active in the field of Internet, technology and digitalization ever since.

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